Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reliv: Miracle cure, or scam?

Let me ask you a question...
If someone told you that your cancer could be cured, your achy bones could finally withstand the winter, your acne could be demolished, your wrinkles could be tightened without botox, or that every health problem you had, could be cured by drinking a shake; would you believe it?

In my opinion, I think the majority of the human race would like to believe in such a miracle cure.
And is it impossible? No...there are truly miracle products out there, such as Blue Green Algae, or its refined cousin StemEnhance. But; the truth is Americans don't have the time, patience, or necessary knowledge to do their own research.
Americans are ripe fruits waiting to be picked by all the greedy scammers waiting right there, in the light; with pictures of healthy faces and "authentic testimonies". The pages are covered with comforting words about how "simplicity and convenience are all you need in a supplement". And yet; there are no ingredients listed on the page, no information on the product besides an information request form. But innocent people are being scammed out of their money, these are working-class Americans who can't afford the medical treatment they need; they believe they have nothing to lose by spending $61 dollars on a supplement, because they are desperate for an answer. These companies know your weaknesses; they see a simple idea, and hopeful Americans wanting only to live a healthy life. They don't care about anyone but themselves, and their pocketbook.

I recently met a woman, at a temp job I am working, who is a seller for a product called "Reliv".
I knew from the instant she told me about it, that at 61.00 dollars this product was a scam.
She told me it cured her turrets, her migraines, and the health problems of her family members, and other people she knows through her "distributor network".
When I proceeded to ask her how it was processed, and what the ingredients were, she told me; "I'm not a scientist, I just know it works" and "Its been developed by scientists"
Anyone can be a scientist, if they have a brain and an education.

I went home and did my own research, I knew she expected me to be sold on her miracle cure, after her flagrant lies about how she had known of customers who have had their Grave's Disease cured(which I mentioned I had, before she said anything). She is an actress; literally, a broadway actress. I'm smart enough to know when someone is trying to play me, and I damn well won't take anything that doesn't have an ingredients list.
The bottom line, after searching through several dead end pages, its a protein shake made of soy, with a combination of vitamins, and herbs. All available at a very discounted price when buying in bulk from an herbal store, or online from a vitamin supplier such as NOW.
The grand total is 61.00 for the shake, but its other product lines include; a weight lost miracle cure, an acne treatment, etc etc.
These companies are giving supplements a bad name. We are in a constant war against the AMA, and the government, just to keep our natural supplements, and companies like this are the very evil giving us a bad name.

The dangers of soy are also very prevalent if one does enough research, it is a cheap mass produced grain, that a large portion of the populace is allergic to. How safe can a supplement without its ingredient listed be?

I encourage you to do your own research, before wasting money. It takes a couple minutes out of your day, as opposed to several days of labor lost to a "miracle cure". Can your family or you really afford to guess at the benefits of a mystery miracle product?


PlayMATE said...

Reliv is Creating Conflict of Interests - Reliv is a dirty MLM and active member of the BIG PHARMA disinformation group known as CRN; "Council for Responsible Nutrition" the dirty liars who work with the WTO, CAFTA, WHO and the FDA to bring CODEX into law in 2010;

Watch these 2 videos:
"Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs"

"We Become Silent - The Last Days Of Health Freedom"

I am so thankful that people like this are willing to share the negative experiences they had with Reliv International.

"I was recently put on Reliv by my medical Doctor. He said it was natural and that the percentages of nutrient value was 100% unlike pill supplements. I was to drink this 3 times a day and see him in six weeks. He said they would follow up with me during that time. He put me on three products; Original, Innergize and Fibrestore and I was to stop all the supplements I had been taking. I found that I was tired all the time and my eyes were itchy and burning. I have never done well on any soy products and this product is soy-based. I only could do the Reliv for a week and had to stop to see if the Reliv was the problem. I went to a person who does muscle testing and she found these products were not a good thing for me. Once off the product, I felt better and was taking my original supplements. Still, since I had spent so much money for them I decided to give it another try. Same thing... just didn't feel very good when on this product. Today the doctor's wife called me. She is the one who stays in contact with the people who are put on this. I had already deduced this was a MLM company from the literature he gave me. She told me to go back on the products and cut down the amount of powder I use from one scoop to 1 teaspoon per serving. She also told me she would call me several times during the first month and have me listen in on other people's testimonies of what the product did for them and also to the 'business' information. I told her I would not be interested in being a distributor, she said that was okay but it was at the end of each testimonial. I am rather upset about this. I don't and won't listen to these testimonials. I am not going to take anymore of this product. I am disappointed in my doctor for doing this. He's a very nice doctor and he follows a more natural practice instead of prescribing drugs. But, now I may have to change doctors to avoid the uncomfortable situation that has arisen from this product and how it affects me."

I think it's absolutely WRONG for a Medical Doctor to be prescribing any natural products to his patients. This is a conflict of interest because Doctors aren't supposed to be in business to get you well, but to bandaide the symptoms to keep you coming back again and again spending money. Otherwise, hospitals would be out of business.

And sadly this doctor has either been misled himself or is outright lying to you. Reliv is not a Natural product. If you take a moment to look at the ingredients from any one of them products, most of the items listed are chemicals.

I am not sure how long ago you purchased these products but Reliv does offer a 100% money back guarantee and so if it hasn't been more than a month you could ask for your money back.

I DO NOT sell any vitamins and I will never be involved in any MLM again. But if you want to check for yourself, here are a few natural products.

Dr. Organics - www.puredrorganics.com

Lifeforce - http://lifeforce.net/

Eniva Vibe - www.EnivaMembers.com/Income

Also a few other products I have heard about is, Purity Products and also Dr Mercola. If go to their websites they have some vitamins as well.

Reliv.com (Reliv International) RELV should be put out of business now, not just when FDA/CODEX makes all vitamins illegal in the USA and Reliv should also stop telling people to flood their body with its chemical soy toxins and doing it under the guise of being an "Honest Home Based Business."

Sadly, Reliv it is full of greedy, cheating, lying, self-serving manipulators and money grubbing back stabbers who ultimately mislead you into working a bastardized "success system" with a mentor who wants anything but your success. Sadly, Reliv's top distributors want to maintain their own success above and beyond yours and they do it off the backs of those they convince to join below them. The following Reliv products; Reliv Innergize, Reliv Now, Fiberstore, Provantage, Arthaffect, Soy Sentials, ReverseAge, Slimplicity, Kid's Now and Ultrim Plus (which is pure partially hydroginated non-dairy creamer) may not only hurt your health, Reliv products will certainly hurt your wallet and make you lose all your friends fast.

Get this, Reliv has thier head so far up the FDA's ass, they don't even let customers buy products online! Nope, they force you to deal in person with desperate and annoying Reliv Sales Reps who always try to coerce you into joining their stupid MLM, promising you'll "get rich" peddling their worthless, crappy tasting powder in a can.

Thankfully, Reliv is a has-been and fading fast from the public eye.

Here's a great article for you Reliv lovers who think the Council for Irresponsible Nutrition is a good thing:

FDA Announces Plan to Eliminate All Vitamin Companies:

The_Reliv_Watchdog said...

Hi - I am thankful that someone is willing to take a stand against Reliv. I was search myself this morning for some new articles and came across your blog. I hope you don't mind if I republish your article in my blog. I did notice that one of your comments to this article has quote me. :)

If you would like more information about Reliv, I would encourage everyone to visit my "RelivWatchDog" Blog.

sounddoctorin said...

My personal experience with Reliv. 1) I'm saving 1:30 a night on sleep. 2) I don't feel like crap in the am when I wake up. 3) I eat less food and have more energy. 4) I've broken all my PR's in weightlifting and at 47 I'm back to playing basketball at a competitive level for the first time in many years.

Anyway I can only read so much ignorant propaganda. There are several ways to market product. Some companies resort to spending a large amount of their budget on advertising. Reliv shifts 40% of the sale to the person selling the product. They are not limited to how much they can sell or how many people they TRAIN to sell. And they are compensated in a reasonable way for that effort such that the highest earners in the company are 60K/month or so while the person just starting out makes a reasonable amount. Hence the burnout rate is very low compared to other companies. In the few years I've observed I've seen only a few people drop out. Most just keep making increased income. People who got in 2 years ago here locally are making 5,000/month in a few cases. Others several thousand/month. Some like me have no time and are just making a few hundred but hey it pays for my product. I can wipe any of you up and down the basketball court probably and I don't spend months a year sick anymore. That's all that matters to me.
Finally there are many people who have actual soy allergies and had no problem with reliv. Could it be there was some die off going on with the person struggling with that aspect? People introduce all kinds of drugs into their lives then expect to be able to not have all kinds of bad effects.... I dunno. Personally I just skirted around all the drugs in my life save a few anti-biotics when I was a kid under my parents care. Drugs introduce a whole pandora's box into the body. I guess that was written by playmate? Have you had drugs in your body in recent years? If so I would rather suspect that what you are observing is related to that since tons of others have no such reaction to Reliv products. I immediately had more energy and then saw the vast reduction of allergies. I used to get set off by cats and all kinds of stuff to where my chin would itch and eyes would itch. I barely notice such stuff anymore. Chin never itches. Reliv products are marvelous in helping the body eliminate allergic reactions it seems to me. Anyway hope you are doing better by whatever means.

sounddoctorin said...

PS a friend just told me that 'the_reliv_watchdog' is with another mlm who runs a smear campaign since he's with Life Force body balance. hehe. Oh brother... Can't we all just help each other get well? Why is it necessary to attack a company that has so many satisfied customers? It looks...kinda silly ya know...

Let me tell you about a friend who has migraines and did NOT get over them with Reliv. We don't know why. He at first though thought he was getting MORE migraines...less severe...but more numerically. Then i found out a doc had put him on Maxalt. look it up. *IT* gives you *more* migraines.

Like I say...first get the drugs out of the picture so long as it's not a life threatening thing. Wean yourself off if it is if possible. Because drugs are nasty things that deal with surface issues and in the process unleash a lot of complex changes that can spawn other issues. That's why they all have a list of side effects.

The only side fx I've experienced with reliv...ummm...uhh....unwanted energy? :-)

Melody said...

Several years ago a friend of mine was in a car accident and since then has suffered severe muscle spasms significant loss of energy, and difficulty sleeping due to muscle pain. She went on Reliv 2 months ago and now she is mostly pain free, sleeps well all night, and her muscle spasms are down to very mild. She feels that she has gotten her life back, thanks to Reliv and is absolutely ecstatic.

Reliv is not a company who is about to go away. Their products really work. They have also been listed by Business Week, Fortune Magazine, and Forbes' list as being one of the fastest growing and best small companies in the U.S.

StarPhyre said...

I appreciate all the wonderful comments! I always enjoy a good heated topic ;)


Den said...

I think that you discuss a very interesting topic on your blog. At the present time, there are so many vitamins, food supplements and the like to enhance the beauty and health of our bodies. I have never believed in these things before, but when I saw that they work decided to try. I browsed the net and on this very great site www.pissedconsumer.com I found Purity products. I love them.

Lovelygirl said...

I'm learning about miracle cures at school it sucks no offence to the people who like it

sounddoctorin said...

I'm not sure how reliv get's talked about as a 'miracle cure' anyway. It's just better nutrition. You cut out the crud you are normally eating ** and instead eat an optimized high absorption nutrition shake. Works for me. I'll bet if 'playmate' and I stacked up..his best diet vs. me on reliv.... and we both went down to the same gym and worked out the same way, slept the same amount in the same environment and we carefully monitored our health for a few years I'd totally wipe him out. And VISA VERSA. There person quoted's problems are probably that they have either some very NESTED disease like Lyme or who knows. Tons of people allergic to Soy report no problem with Reliv. But people develop complex problems. Sometimes the problems don't heavily manifest until you give the body the nutrients to fight off the problems.

I mean seriously 'playmate'..you make some REALLY outrageous claims. Where is the backing for this? (If I was managing this thread I'd say "Provide the proof or I erase your post". Because there's no reason to have unbased accusations like this floating around. PROVE what you are saying about them being 'dirty MLM'. What the heck does that mean? I want to see specific references that tie Reliv to this stuff. Not some generic videos with stuff I already know.

NOW..as to the 'natural product' category. Reliv derives things from natural products. At what point does something leave being part of nature? When you cook food? Grind it up? Hey man ALTERED that natural food so it's not natural anymore right?

No sometimes man CAN use wisdom to use the things God put on the earth and/or things that man's involvement with the earth corrupted in some way. We don't live forever anymore. We have to make the best of what we're left with here. The environment IS corrupted in many ways. Anybody who worships nature is a dingbat.

On the other hand nature still contains many inordinately complex things that are better for our bodies than things the LIMITED MINDS OF MEN can CONTRIVE FROM SIMPLER CHEMICALS.

That's the functional point where a product departs from the 'natural' qualification in an intelligent way of evaluating things. EG. These engineered sugars. Something is wrong with them. My body warns me of that if I get them on my tongue. Always has. I knew the first time I tasted pop with saccharin that something was very wrong with this. And I avoided it after that. Arbitrarily contrived things can have disastrous long term consequences in the body. I avoided all that stuff and here I am..48 and still playing ball at a competative level. If you want to be where I am...then do what I do. I mean..you can wave your hands about things all you want. But in the end you -Bob

**(oh let's all hear it for genetically altered foods etc.! YAYYYY! No big pharma couldn't be involved in *that*! Oh heck no. Functionally slow poisoning people. Do you think the people meeting with the Bilderberg group eat the same diet we do? No way. They have farms that provide the best food they can get. The rest of the world? Eh. Give them a bunch of altered strangness that is missing critical nutrients so that people bodies gradually develop these problems. People who can barely scratch by are easy to contain/manipulate and get rid of if need be when one is plotting to undermine the sovereign status of the last superpower.)

Sherrie said...

Reliv has an online ordering system for anyone who has previously ordered any product through a Reliv distributor. Just ask for your customer number and your distributor will be glad to set you up.

The United States farming practices have moved away from traditional means of rotating crops and using animal waste fertilizers. Farms have opted to replenish the nutrients removed from the soil by their crops with chemical fertilizers. This has caused our food supply to contain less than adequate nutrition. Check this out if you need evidence of this fact: http://www.anaturalway.com/Senate_Document_264.html

Another reason people could be alergic to soy (besides what sounddoctorin mentioned) is due to the chemically fertilized soy crops. Reliv uses non chemically fertilized soy in their products. You could be allergic to the chemicals.

Also, how can you take each vitamin/supplement individually and expect them to all be able to work together in your body at the same time? Have you received an education in nutrition and studied the results of unbalanced nutrition? Or do you take handfuls of supplements several times per day? Reliv is optimal (not minimal) nutrition and it is offered synergistically, EG, supplements that need each other to be used optimally in your body need to be consumed together. We know this to be true in a few instances which have been highly publicized, such as Calcium and Vitamin D. This is also true of the amino acids necessary to make a complete protein, hence you need beans and rice together to make a complete protein.

Reliv has a highly specialized team of researchers and they scour the world (where modernized farming practices are forbidden) to find the optimal ingredients needed to be used in their products. They test and retest their products at every step of the production process to assure uniform quality. Their facility is next to pharmaceutical in processing practices.

I am very thankful I found Reliv. I have gone from spending twice as much on supplements to Reliv and am receiving results I only wished for before. Also, Dr. Mercola gives good information but his products are incredibly expensive. I could never get the same nutritional benefits from Dr. Mercola for the price I pay for my Reliv.

It is very easy to find ingredient lists for Reliv. I can't understand why you would make such an unfounded statement without prior research.

On another note, I have only found people wanting to help me in Reliv. To help me feel better, help me set up my business, help me learn how this business works, and even help me sell products to my customers by speakerphone while I am at a face to face meeting. I have always offered free advice to friends and acquaintances. I love helping people and I hate seeing them suffer. If I feel they can get good results using something else, I tell them. (Have you ever watched "Miracle on 34th Street?") I am not a salesperson. I only want people to feel good.

One other thing I feel I must mention: The Kalogris Foundation nourishes our world wherever they find people in need of nourishing. They supply impoverished people and victims of disasters with Reliv and manpower to serve it (yes, a 'soup kitchen' serving Reliv shakes). The Kalogris Foundation is funded by Reliv Distributors.

I am sorry you had a negative experience with Reliv. Sometimes you just need to stick with a product or practice long enough to get through the cleansing process. I'm confident the end result will be positive. Like going to the gym 6 days straight and quitting because you keep getting sore muscles and you still look the same. You feel worse and look the same so why would you continue beating yourself up?

kimkooi said...

Very interesting debate here. I have had migraines for over 16 years. I am at my witz end. I have tried preventatives such as topamax, inderal, amitriptaline (not sure of spelling. I have taken meds when I get migraines; darvecet, tylenol with codine,maxalt, zomig, imetrex...ect. Tonight I am going to order Reliv from a friend from chruch and a mom's group. I am going to give it a full month before deciding to reorder or not. I will write back my results. I pray that it works, I cannot work or be a good mother this way.

sounddoctorin said...

I pray you get the results many have had. Advise though. Order the "NOW" product because it uses non-gmo soy. Reliv changed sourcing a while back on some things. The 'classic' product is a GMO soy based fab of the original whey based 'classic'. I personally tried it before realizing that and noticed I was needing more sleep than when I went back on the NOW. Be sure to get a steady 4-6 scoops a day in your system for a while and bear through any 'die off' that might happen. A friend of mine also does a super high anti-oxidant chocolate Xocai that attacks things from that angle. Reliv's Fibrestore is a good all around cleanser but the Xocai has extremely high ratings in anti-oxidant properties. Not cheap but a very good product I believe also. I'm still a Reliv distributor though I'm pretty inactive. I just always feel like I'm having to 'sell' something to people. I can't stand wasting time with people who think I'm lying for no reason...so I pretty much adopted a policy of telling people who seem to be really seeking answers and aren't terminally cynical. Which makes me no money but whatever. I have a lot of skills in engineering and troubleshooting. I don't do sales. If people need something they ask me for it.

sounddoctorin said...

I pray you get the results many have had. Advise though. Order the "NOW" product because it uses non-gmo soy. Reliv changed sourcing a while back on some things. The 'classic' product is a GMO soy based fab of the original whey based 'classic'. I personally tried it before realizing that and noticed I was needing more sleep than when I went back on the NOW. Be sure to get a steady 4-6 scoops a day in your system for a while and bear through any 'die off' that might happen. A friend of mine also does a super high anti-oxidant chocolate Xocai that attacks things from that angle. Reliv's Fibrestore is a good all around cleanser but the Xocai has extremely high ratings in anti-oxidant properties. Not cheap but a very good product I believe also. I'm still a Reliv distributor though I'm pretty inactive. I just always feel like I'm having to 'sell' something to people. I can't stand wasting time with people who think I'm lying for no reason...so I pretty much adopted a policy of telling people who seem to be really seeking answers and aren't terminally cynical. Which makes me no money but whatever. I have a lot of skills in engineering and troubleshooting. I don't do sales. If people need something they ask me for it.

Nelson said...

I just joined RELIV last May 4, 2009. I was invited by my family friend who is also active in church. Being a firstimer, I had the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of others. I tasted the sample shake. I had headache then but after few minutes, my headache had gone after taking the second sample shake put on a small cup. Now I am taking the innergize and the Reliv now products. I could feel lighter than before especially upon waking up in the morning. I experienced more energy and the good thing is, my acute sinusitis is getting better than taking antibiotics. I hope that I may be able to experience good health and financial freedom by joining Relive and share my story to others as well. Thanks and God bless.

reliv4life said...

Reliv is NOT a scam - nor do we make ANY claims to cure - we simply let the people tell their own stories of what has happened for them. It is good nutrition which is absorbed 98% at the cell level within 30 minutes - it is different. I have my life back - my kids have their mom back and I will be FOREVER grateful that my friend cared about me enough to tell me about Reliv!!!

Flute Book/General said...

Several years ago I started praying about muscle problems in my arms from over use. I was about ready to go to the doctors for very high doses of ibuprofen but finally stopped into a reliv distributors house instead to FINALLY try reliv. (I use only the classic soy based shake). Within the two weeks, did not need the Ibuprofen BUT, an incredible side shoot was that it counteracted Lactose intolerance (I had been struggling with.) I drink only one shake a day--volah! No more HORRIBLE hours on the toilet because I accidentally got some cheese or milk product in a food unexpectedly. As long as I drink one shake a day I do not have lactose intolerance. (two weeks without a shake, and my body begins reacting and can't break down even minimal amounts of many types of foods) I do NOT like pushy sales people, I do not attend meetings, I do not sell the product; just buy my can of classic each month and everything works great for me. I do believe its the soy working with the right amount of vitamins and herbs to supply something for me that I am missing. I also use Wen hair products and love it-some people hate it-so, bottom line, not every product works for everybody-you have to find the one that works for you. I know this was God's leading to help me in life. If a particular product doesn't work for you that doesn't necessarily mean it has no value perhaps for another person.

Jeff said...

I listened to a friend give her sales pitch about the value of taking the Reliv products. I had an issue with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and was taking medication the Dr. had prescibed. I wasn't happy taking the meds because of all the potential side effects. I was happy to try the safe alternative that my friend was selling. Before taking the medication the Dr. had prescribed, my total cholesterol level was over 300. The crestor and zetia got it to 187. I stopped taking the medication and started taking the recommended Reliv products. Within one month my cholesterol level was over 280. I didn't experience any increase in energy and my sleep wasn't effected. I exercise 6 days a week: 1 1/2 hours of cardio and an hour of weight lifting. During the six months I took the product, I felt no benefit while I was exercising.
I can only speak for myself and the experience I had taking the Reliv product. I tested it, and it did none of things promised. It only made my urine very expensive.
By the way, I am not a distributor of any product. I tried it because I am interested in results. I didn't find it with Reliv.

sounddoctorin said...


I pray you find a working solution but right now your body is in a real crisis it sounds like. The fact you've been taking medications opens a whole new Pandora's box that could cause your levels of things to fluctuate over a period of months before your body retrogrades back into whatever it's status quo degradation pathway is. You took Reliv for how long? The company has never had a very good policy re: the money back guarantee. In that I think it's more for sales than helping people. MANY people like myself get results over a period of weeks. However many have severe conditions going on that are going to take MONTHS of consistent diet and exercise pattern change to start seeing a *measureable result* in connection with.
NOTE: Reliv shifted to GMO sourcing on some of their product (like "Classic" which is just wrong. It shouldn't be called classic anymore. I don't know what they're thinking. I mean the real 'classic' was whey based anyway I guess so the attempted clone using soy based technology really shouldn't have been called that anyway.) I continue though using the NOW and innergize and the meal replacements and other products because they seem to bring the results. AGAIN I point people to the fact that I was sick consistently 2-3 times a year with something that would drag me down for a week at least. I've been down 2 days in the past year I think it was this time. I had a few days of allergies instead of weeks as usual since I got on the products consistently. Haven't seen another kidney stone praise God! I'm busy as an electronic tech and, if you count my hours into reliv, haven't earned a very good hourly rate in reference to those efforts :-). But it's saved me it appears mass numbers of sick/tired hours over the past what 4 or so years now? WOW! Is it the best? I don't know. I just know it works for me and it makes sense to get something that is a liquid supplement catch-all into your system! It WILL gradually allow the body to do what IT can do. And that's your best defense and best cure for most problems from what I've seen.

Jeff said...


Reliv should put you on payroll. It appears you are the voice of the company. I honestly have no issue with Reliv, in fact, I wish it did what all the distributors claim. So far I have been told that Reliv products cures continence issues, head aches, cancer, reduces swelling in inflamed ankles, alleviates pain, promotes better sleep, provides more energy, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure to acceptable levels, reduces the number of sick days, assists in the healing process of those that have had strokes and heart attacks, and slows the aging process. Any reasonable person would look at that and conclude, nothing does everything. I don't doubt there are benefits to the quality of a persons life if they choose to do things that make the body healthy, but to imply that all we have to do is take the Reliv products and we're good to go isn't terribly forthright. Like I said, I took the product for over 6 months and I got the same benefit as I did with my Centrum Multivitamins. I've heard the testimonials and found them compelling, but I also need to keep them in perspective given the fact that a monthly paycheck is at stake.
I'm glad you have benefitted from the product and wish you well in your efforts.

sounddoctorin said...

Like I say once you throw background of medications into the pictures there are a lot of variables introduced.

But let me just comment on your claim that a reasonable person would say nothing can do all that.

Oh yeah it can. The human body GIVEN THE RIGHT NUTRITION. There are documented cases of all these things going away with changes in nutrition, sleep habits etc. I personally had bad headaches when I was younger but haven't had one since I was in probably jr. high. I didn't take any meds. Seriously I haven't taken medication since kids aspirin :-). So I'm a great test dummy. Nothing complex to foul up perspective on what is or isn't helping. Medications are..complex by nature. And so are their effects on the body which is why there are always side effects pretty much.

Anyway hope that helps some but the body has the facilities to cure all kinds of things. Cancers go away by getting the things out of the diet that are feeding them often. I've known people fast their way out of terminal cancers. -Bob

Sherrie said...

It's been a while since I left my last post. I have been on Reliv for over a year now and I am off meds, don't get sick, and feel great. I had two siblings pass away in the last four months, yet I am not depressed. Go figure that one out.

I am off my thyroid med after being on it for 10 years. The Dr said I would be on it the rest of my life or I'd sleep myself to death. I've had my blood tested twice since early May and my levels are normal.

I have had a problem in my left foot for 15 years-there's no cartilage and the bones rub together, actually grinding down. I wore ugly, flat shoes and didn't walk much. Now I wear cute heels and was able to complete the Walk for the Mission in August without pain.

I have many other results, too.

I did have a cleansing reaction in Apr. I broke out with more zits than ever before in my life and I developed black heads for the first time in my life. However, they are gone, now and my skin is completely clear. I just had to work through the unpleasantness to get to the happiness.

Also, my business is booming right now. It's difficult to get enough time to catch up on Facebook and email.

Did you know that of the 11 US food patents Reliv owns six? That means their products are backed by clinical trials. Clinical trials performed by independent companies.

Angeles said...

There ara a lot of Companies that sell a lot of stuff nutrition. And every body has the right to decide what to choose or what not.But , i can rightly suggest that before to try a product make a research about the companies and the products. I was looking for something natural( Tired of medecine) and made a research on many companies and their products, guess what I found about nutrition....Many people sick and death because of the products. Anyway I decided to try one of the companies with the best reputation around the world, Reliv company. I'm using the products and my mom who suffers of diabetis, and all my sisters are using it, so far we haven't noticed something wrong. So if you want to try something else is fine, just make sure you have all the information about the company and its products and use them correctly, remember it is your choice. It is better to try something that seems to be healthy that trying al the junk food in the market, sodas, hamburgues, snacks, and then complaining about the nutrionist companies. Believ me, no even the famous cereals are 100% healthy. By the way, the medical community is sugesting to try natural nutrition.

Turnaround Churches said...

sounddoctorin, your moderation is excellent. There are a few people who didn't get their marketing training down pat before they started spouting claims about Reliv that the company doesn't make. And there are now lots of people who push mega doses when a starter set is what the customer needs. I'd been on twice-a-day Prilosec and had to start slowly, at 1/2 scoop classic & Fibrestore, building up to full scoops. But I got off those meds and others, lost my allergies, sleep better and healed faster from surgery than the doctor said I would.

I was taught that a third of the people see results right away, a third need a month and a third take 3 months to overcome a lifetime of "beneficial toxins" (prescriptions). And a small number don't see any perceptible difference (but the doctors can't cure everyone either). Jeff, you should not have stopped taking your meds until your body was stronger from a few weeks' Reliv use. (You don't stop wearing work gloves until calluses come unless you're willing to go through some pain on the way.)

I'm a long-time regular user of Reliv but not an active distributor. It's not the only quality nutrition out there, but one of the best. People I've found doing LifeForce, BodyBalance, etc tend to be Reliv distributors who got caught breaking marketing rules and were thrown out of the company, or their students.

If you have to build business by tearing down a competitor's tested product, how bad is your product? But if you are willing to trust 20 years of consistent nutritional quality, I suggest Reliv is worth the try.

sounddoctorin said...

I'm also not a distributor anymore. The company lost some of their top (including their original, Mike Williams ) distributors, and they maintain a smug corporate attitude towards situations where people dare question anything they do etc. Rather then dealing interpersonally with people. I'm very disappointed because the is not the kind of company that I was presented up front but oh well. They continue to make products that have worked for me though I'll note that I'm not sure the slimplicity is really an improvement on the old product. I got a few cans from someone who had leftover stock and I notice that quickly I'm seeing better results in my night shake. I would always put some of the meal replacement in with my shake or just do a straight one of it at night and noticed it seemed to help me sleep better and feel refreshed more in the am. That original meal replacement ROCKED. I can totally notice a difference for what it's worth. Wish they'd start making it again.

app1mkj said...

Well, I thought my wife was getting taken in by this. But I tried this product with no belief whatsoever that it would work. After 20 years of back an knee pain, this stuff works. I have no idea how or why it does. The ingrediants dont seem that impressive. But it works for me. As for me, I could not care less that it is MLM.

RapidAction said...

I've found most of the negative on the web about Reliv is from competitors, many who were kicked out of Reliv for unethical business practices and went to LifeForce. In fact, Reliv has US patents on its products, developed by scientists, reviewed by scientists, approved by scientists. I've been using Reliv for 10 years and have had really good results with acid reflux and allergies. (I signed up as a distributor to get the discounts, but don't actively sell it.) It's not the only good nutrition, but it does work.

Sherrie said...

With all the recognition Reliv has received this year you might take a second look. Than many non affiliated endorsements can't all be wrong. Check these out:

American Anti-Cancer Institute: http://www.americanaci.org/2-extreme-nutrition.html



Just to name a few.

maidsylvie said...

shocked to see this scam is still around

sounddoctorin said...

says the person posing in parts of their underwear. lol. Reliv is a typical company. That's what people do largely. scam. Like I say the product I think was great when it first came out and gradually got cheapened as is typical. Once they crossed the GMO boundary it was all over for anyone with integrity I think. But with so many people making an income with it and so many customers who don't know about gmo (or care in ignorance...)

Anyway it was good to see a lot of the people I knew bail out at that point for sure.

Jeff said...

Is anyone aware of any credible independent studies done on any of the Reliv products?

I have done my own personal test and the product did none of the things promised.

sounddoctorin said...

I think most companies of this type don't invest big in that since people who get results start sharing and drive the company that way and there's never a big need for it. I personally found some good results. Plagued with frequent illness and 100% consistent getting the same thing that almost killed me every year here. Got on two shakes a day of classic/innergize and voila. Never got it again. ever. I got sick once or twice a year for very short times..max 2 days. Where before I CONSISTENTLY got sick for a week where I was literally to sick to get up..then coughed for a month. BUT THAT WAS PRE-GMO era. Not the original Whey based form though which I'm told was better by all who took it...

Anyway my researching friends that got me on that said there's something way better. I finally tried Pro-Argi~9 which is a different approach. I haven't been sick once save a brief strange dizzy episode the other day. Not sure if I ate something or what... but for a year and a half. THat's a record for me. The L-arginine/L-citrulline based supplement blows the doors off pretty much everything in terms of the actual case study research. Look at his site 'goargi.com' and watch the high desert heart inst. videos etc.

This stuff is a different approach. Work the mechanisms that get the cells ready to receive nutrients instead of force feeding cells :-). The latter approach I saw works to some degree as you'd expect since your cells aren't totally dysfunctional. However if you get the cells healed you need much less supplement. So I'm not spending more but I'm getting better results it appears.

Jeff said...

I suppose that was inevitable. Hopefully now someone else has an information appropriate response. Does anyone know of an INDEPENDENT study done to lend credibility to all the testimonials made by representatives of Reliv?

sounddoctorin said...

Yup helpful people...helpful info is inevitable. :-) I think the way to PROCEED on anything like this Jeff is to punch in to google or another good search engine (I have a link that lets you get rid of a lot of key word jammers etc. if you'd like..) ...something like

' Reliv independent study '

Or like that.

PUNCHING THAT IN.... it's interesting that I get

1) The reliv official site. Ignore that.. ie. if there was really academically sound information it would be other places...

2) Reliv Watchdog. ie. more opinion largely it appears

3)wiki...general info...

4) THIS BLOG!! LOL... that's kinda confirming what I said above in the 'inevitable post'...


This snopes message board thread has some useful info it appears.

I conclude there probably aren't really rigorous case studies done with reliv etc. As I said because it was never necessary. First hand testimonials starting with the initial nla product spawned a large company eventually combined with some salesmanship.

But I mean one aspect of this is a *no brainer*. If you have a physical body that is lacking in some essential nutrient for dietary reasons, then a supplement that makes said item available will obviously improve your health in most cases assuming there isn't something else in it that makes you worse :-)

So whether Juice plus, or Neo-Life or Melaleuca or whatever... most off the store shelf vitamins historically have been very very low absorption. IF something at least is evaluated for absorption and has the essentials stuff in it then with most diets it can't hurt and will improve health in some measurable way most likely.

Anyway for the reasons I noted I seriously doubt you'll find the kinds of hard case studies that have been done on *VERY FEW* supplements historically. WHY?

It's expensive for a startup company...and by the time a company gets to where it already is making money based on testimonials then they go 'why change what's working?'...not to mention they are probably AFRAID of the results that might come forth. ie..if it ain't broke...don't fix it :-)

Did ya follow that?

I hear people ask for good solid research on so many things. And they just haven't thought through why that information often doesn't exist. There is the practical explanation of why. HOpe that's helpful.

Me.theMachine said...

If you sign up free on the Reliv website, you can read the ingredients in all of the shakes. I'm not going to come on here and post a response to try to argue with everyone who thinks it is a scam, but I can tell you it isn't. There are people at Reliv who are in it for the money, and there are people at Reliv who care about the well-being of others. Many people take Reliv, and at first it makes them feel horrible, but not many know that this is because it first detoxes your body, and if you stop and then start again, the detox starts all over again. As far as the soy, it's soy-based. Reliv has its own soy plant, and grows the soy all naturally. Reliv extracts a nutrient called Lunacin from the soy, and places the nutrient in their products. Lunacin is all natural and attacks genetic disorders, and flaws in your DNA (to put it simply). The reason the Reliv powder is so amazing is because our bodies cannot absorb enough Lunasin from soy and other foods for it to be affective, but Reliv has made it into an all natural compound that your body can absorb and in high quantities. Yes, it's full of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, but Lunasin is a huge part of the picture. And, it's only expensive if you buy it through someone and don't sign up. Sign up for free and you get 10% off, sign up for $25 and you get 20% off. The more product you purchase, the bigger discount you receive. Yes, it is MLM. Reliv designed its business to be person-to-person so that anyone taking a product has a person of contact and someone to tell them how to take it and what product to take. It's sad that people look at this and say "MLM, that means scam". Mary Kay is MLM too, and has great products. Just because you are benefitting the person selling the product to you does not mean the company is scamming you. Also, if you check out the Kalogris foundation, which is by Reliv, you will learn that the company is responsible for treating malnutrition all over the world. I could give you a long list of the people I know who take the products and have been cured of various ailments, but I'll save it since you've heard that speech before and probably won't believe me anyway.




I have been in 3 MLM Scams..They all have the same M.O. Miracle Products and people swearing that it works...Bull...It's ALL ABOUT DA MONEY


There is a sucker born every minute !

greenveganworld said...

I wish I knew something to take. I mean I don't want a business. Just some good supplemental nutirition. I don't want to get GMO stuff or get ripped off. Do I get reliv, melalueca, the stuff on HSN or whole foods? They're all expensive. I'm vegan. I eat right most of the time. I just want good supplements. Natural non GMO and vegan. I will spend the money. I spend a lot on health insurance and medications. I just need energy. Less stress. And to be rid of acne at 39. I work nights so my body is tired. I need energy to work out. Why is it so hard to find something good? To find a company to trust?

Sherrie said...

Reliv has many vegan and all of their products are non GMO. I'm off 6 medications that the doctors told me I'd be on for the rest of my life. I have healthy energy, brain clarity and focus, am pain free and losing weight without even trying. Contact me for more information.

Alicia said...

I'm sure that this company has issues. I'm sure this product doesn't work for everyone. But my husband has had horrible fibromyalgia pain for 10 years. We've done prescriptions, supplements, mega vitamins, gluten free and diary free diets - all with little results. He's been on Relive for 8 weeks and it's like the beginning of a miracle. He's being a dad again to our kids. He's not crumpled up in pain. I don't sell it (yet), but if it keeps working like this, I'd pitch it to all of my friends even if I never made a cent. If it helps even a fraction of the sick people I know to get their life back, that would be enough for me. I'm glad you have a site like this, though, because I always like to see all the sides of something. Just do be fair enough to realize that for many people, it is not a scam, it's a lifesaver.

Weston and Mika said...

I am glad this blog is not only posting anti-Reliv comments. Reliv WatchDog is terrible and so biased. I too was saved by Reliv. I got off meds and disability. I suffered for 6.5 years with chronic pain from work injury. I have been on Reliv for 1 year now, and I did become a distributor. I am not rich, but I love helping people, and I have helped people with blood sugar issues and joint pain issues. Reliv does send me checks every month - nothing big, but I feel good about helping people and getting paid. Some people do make good money with Reliv. It just depends on your personality, talent and effort. I don't know if I ever get rich with Reliv, but I would like to continue working for Reliv.

Weston and Mika said...

I am glad this blog is not only posting anti-Reliv comments. Reliv WatchDog is terrible and so biased. I too was saved by Reliv. I got off meds and disability. I suffered for 6.5 years with chronic pain from work injury. I have been on Reliv for 1 year now, and I did become a distributor. I am not rich, but I love helping people, and I have helped people with blood sugar issues and joint pain issues. Reliv does send me checks every month - nothing big, but I feel good about helping people and getting paid. Some people do make good money with Reliv. It just depends on your personality, talent and effort. I don't know if I ever get rich with Reliv, but I would like to continue working for Reliv.

Christel Waltman said...

Hi there..yes do your research..

For those of you who don't believe nutrition can reverse health issues or better chronic conditions..
Importantly, I stress this: It takes not just optimal nutrition but a healthy, sound mind and spirit (faith) to be in/or return to great health.

Hippocrates: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Reliv fits this! here is some facts that are irrefutable:

My mother is healed from breast cancer using Reliv nutrition,combined with an alkaline diet and natural super foods that are cancer fighting.She refused chemo and radiation and mastectomy.She worked with a naturalistic physician who specializes in integrative and alternative medicine

My father chose the medical route for cancer treatment and died of effects of chemo, radiation and surgery .

Go to http://www.americanaci.org/
Get and study the book: "Killing Cancer NOT People" by Robert Wright and you will discover new the truth.

Further here is more research in regards to studies supporting Reliv for those who doubt.

Have you heard about LUNASIN/LUNARICH Available only thru Reliv?

The benefits of soy are well-established, and new research has identified the nutritional component largely responsible:

lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide. LunaRich® soy powder and LunaRich X™ from Reliv optimize lunasin content

like no other products available today. Because it works at the epigenetic level within your cells, lunasin provides multiple health benefits that support:

Cholesterol management, Inflammation reduction, Antioxidant benefits, Improved immunity, Overall cellular health
And the list keeps growing

Learn more about lunasin and epigenetics
Learn how lunasin boosts the benefits of other nutrients

Need Proof? LunaRich marks the culmination of an extensive research and development process that began with the discovery of the lunasin peptide in 1996.

Lunasin is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.

25+ Research institutions
20+ Funding sources
50+ Published papers


learn more: http://go.relivinglife.com

Blessings! Faith and Health To ALL mankind, Christel Waltman

PS: there is more research to support Reliv's basic nutrition formula; just e-mail me if you wish to review those

Kimzilla Shelosk said...

(part-1) It amazes me that people go out of their way to trash talk products and companies they know nothing about. It also amazes me that people search the internet for similar trash talk and cross post them as if they are 'research or fact'. Wake up people. Unless YOU have personal experience, not based on side effects from OTHER products you are taking or stopped taking, OR you are a medical doctor, keep your accusations, assumptions, misinformation, and ignorance to yourself. You are helping no one and just making yourself look bad.

(part-2) I am not a ReLiv distributor, nor have I ever made money off of their products. I have, however, suffered from severe back pain since I was a pre-teen because I have scoliosis. I also used to suffer from 1 to 2 migraines per WEEK. I had limited mobility, arthritis, no flexibility, no energy, my feet would swell and burn from minor nerve damage, I had food allergies to gluten, sugar, artificial sugar, soy, and MSG. I am not saying Reliv cured me in any way and I can' directly connect the dots to Reliv as a cure since I'm not a scientist, doctor, or whatnot. All I can say is that since taking 1 oz of their 'classic' product every other day (not every day) 1) I have not had a migraine in over 4 years 2) My feet burn and swell FAR less (not cured) 3) I have NO symptoms of arthritis anymore 4) I have tons of energy and its the reason I only take it every other day. I don't sleep well when I'm buzzing around and ready to go dancing ... so I dont take it every day. I've lost weight... I've increased my flexibility AND been able to build muscle in my back Ive never been able to do before since my back doesnt align properly. I was never able to even attempt to goto the gym before I was just too weak.

Kimzilla Shelosk said...

(part-3) So.. did Reliv change my life? I think it did. Can I prove it to those who want medical proof? No. because so much changed I was able to add more to my life. Any of those things, or a combination of them could do that. But did Relive GIVE me more energy in order to do these things? YES. No one with a brain would say that 'adding vitamins and nutrients' you didnt take before WOULDNT do that. Was it easier to take than 20 pills at a time? of course! Was it good tasting? no. the 'classic' tastes like sawdust because there is no sugar or flavoring in it. Will I stop taking it because someone, who knows ONLY what they read on the internet, tells me it's snake oil? Absolutely NOT.

(part-4) You will in NO way convince me that Reliv didn't give me back my life. You will in NO way convince me that it did'nt give me more energy and take away the crippling migraines I used to have. It was the only product I was taking when I saw those changes take place. The results of those benefits LET me do the other things that helped me get past and reduce the pain because of my Scoliosis. All things work together. Just taking the product but not watching your food or adding exercise will only give you nutrition it won't change your life.

(part-5) Do I care if people make money off of selling this product? No. I don't. What I DO care about is ignorance and competitors smearing a good product. What I DO care about is that the more garbage people post the more others who have no knowledge will listen to the nonsense and not give it a try themselves. Or worse... it becomes harder for ME to get it and I end up back the way I was. If you don't like a product, don't buy it. If you don't want to give a distributor money because your afraid thats all there is to it... some money scam... then buy it off ebay or some other auction where someone else paid full price and for some reason doesn't want to the product anymore(dont buy opened products of course).

Kimzilla Shelosk said...

(part-6) If you don't have REAL personal experience (not is 'reliv makes me itch' bs) or a medical degree... stop spreading your lies. It's not hard to look up your handle and see what companies you work for or what posts you've made on facebook about OTHER products you also have no experience with. You only fool the ignorant and lazy people who don't look up where the posts are coming from. It only take 2 minutes.

(part-7) But for the sake of those who may be scared by the negative posts... Consider what other drugs are you on. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find out drug interactions. Many vitamins and nutrients (and FOOD) can't be eaten when you are on certain medications. It has nothing to do with Reliv, it has to do with your medical history and the nutrients in the products you ingest. (PS an overdose of anything good or bad has side effects.... such as too much vitamin B makes you itch.. severely... look it up).

Kimzilla Shelosk said...

I came to this site for current information and what I found was a few griefers who just enjoy smearing products they dont know... I'm guessing they have too much time on their hands... and a whole lot of people looking for information on the products. Sadly, the negative comments scream out and the positive ones seem to fall to the sidelines. It's sad and frustrating but it's how the world is nowdays. Everyone wants attention and if they have nothing 'catchy' to say for the positive they know their negative comments will get a rise out of people. All I can say is the louder the scream for attention the higher likelihood it's fiction. If I'd believed some of the posts I read here I would never have given Reliv a try. Thank GOD I did my own research into the ingredients NOT research based on opinions found on blogs like this one. I may never have tried it, I may still be getting injections in my spine, be on 6 different medications, or still be trying to get disability. Thank GOD I'm not that way anymore. No one will tell me the life I have now isn't a direct connection to the nutrients I am now getting. No one will tell me that my marriage didn't benefit, my health didn't benefit, my mobility didn't benefit, and my bank account didn't benefit. Yes. $60 plus per month is steep when you compare to supplement costs but now I'm NOT paying for bi-weekly trips to my doctor, or for the co-pays to the pain medications he had me on, or for spinal injections, or the time off from work because I'm wasn't able to get out of bed, or shoe inserts so I could stand for more than 10 minutes without too much pain, or.. well.. on and on actually. So $60 I'd pay double that for the results I found with the product. I am sure there are other similar products that could do the same nutrient wise but I never found them. So, Reliv is what I found and Reliv is what I swear by. MY personal experience. MY personal research. MY personal story. Not someone elses cross post. So make up your own opinions based on your own experience not based on scare campaigns paid for by a competitor or someone just wanting to get attention by making things up. Seriously. In this day of online information at our fingertips we can still use common sense.

tom said...

I guess people can make their own minds up. I am ff statin drugs, my diagnosed bursitis pain is gone, my wife's (a nephrologist, by the way) arthritis pain is gone along with her migraine headaches, and my sister (a type 1 diabetic) has reduced her A1c from 8.3 to 6.7. Sounds like something about these Reliv products is working.

Collin Petersen said...

What are the elements of a defamation claim?The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

a publication to one other than the person defamed;
a false statement of fact;
that is understood as

a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and
b. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.

If the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice.
Do blogs have the same constitutional protections as mainstream media?The US Supreme Court has said that "in the context of defamation law, the rights of the institutional media are no greater and no less than those enjoyed by other individuals and organizations engaged in the same activities."
I believe your statement to be false because:
CHESTERFIELD, MO, August 20, 2013 — Reliv International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RELV), a maker of nutritional supplements that promote optimal health, today announced that LunaRich X"122 was named winner of the People's Choice Stevie? Award for Favorite New Consumer Product in the 11th Annual American Business Awards.
CHESTERFIELD, MO, May 9, 2013 — Reliv International, Inc.'s newest product, LunaRich X"122 , today was named a finalist in the New Product or Service of the Year — Consumer Products category in the 2013 American Business Awards, also known as the Stevie? Awards.
CHESTERFIELD, Mo., June 21, 2011 — Reliv International , Inc.'s healthy energy shot, 24K , won a Stevie? Award as the "Favorite New Consumer Product" at the 2011 American Business Awards last night.
CHESTERFIELD, Mo., July 5, 2011 — Reliv International , Inc. (NASDAQ:RELV), a maker of nutritional supplements that promote optimal nutrition, recently earned two 2011 Bronze Quill Awards and an APEX Award for excellence in marketing materials.
CHESTERFIELD, MO, Nov 10, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- Reliv International, Inc. RELV, 1.51% a maker of nutritional supplements that promote optimal health, today announced that the company has earned two 2014 MarCom Awards for outstanding achievement in marketing communications. Reliv's "How to Make Money with Reliv" video received a Platinum Award, while a Gold Award went to the new product catalog.2014 COMMUNITAS AWARDS: RELIV INTERNATIONAL Company: Reliv International, Inc.
Title: "2013 Reliv Week of Caring"
Location: Chesterfield, Missouri
Category: 1.1 Company-Sponsored Volunteer Project

Tony M said...

I am 60 years old and had never taken supplements. My wife went to a health conference and came home with a whole bunch of RELIV products. She soon found out she couldn't take it because it made her constipated. I hated to see the stuff go to waste and decided to try it. First of all it taste horrible and you almost have to force it down. After taking it for several weeks, to my surprise I have noticed some results. Burning like pain that I have had in my lower legs for about a year are gone. My knees and neck crackled and popped like crazy. That 90% better. I have not had bad acid reflux since taking it and I think I have more energy.

MBrandt said...

Several people in their posts have stated that the Reliv Classic uses GMO Soy. That statement is incorrect. If you go to the Reliv web site and bring up the product label PDF for the Relive Classic it clearly states at the bottom of the label that it is made with Non-GMO Soy. Please check out the facts before posting.

Robert Anglee said...

Very interesting posts. Discerning anything is no more then a self biased attempt to prove-disprove a product, service, company, corperation, politics, another individual etc. Who is truly going to be unbiased-predjudiced about some one or something? As for a MLM or Direct Marketing, pyramid schemes, those entities not found on a store shelf require a higher degree of intelligence and common sense. The public is saturated with trusting and gullible consumers. Having studied individual consumer action-reaction to anything is by and large a shot gun pattern of correct and incorrect conclusions. You can even deny being intentionally predjudiced and not know it or even defend it. I have studied MLM companies, products, distributors, and customers only to realize that very few adults are skilled in the art of selling. Most try to sell with good intentions but often their enthusiasom is not checked. Many times a sell will collapse due to many things. Or a sell succeeds with a minimum of effort. Some times it defies logic. I know many successful Direct marketing individuals new and very experienced. It is described as like a roller coaster ride. Many people just give up. The product/s or service might be wonderful but the seller was clumsy or inexperienced. Hence sending a bad message to a customer. There is a MLM clearing house yet most consumers don't know or they don't care. So one and all MLM companies experience the same distributor struggle's. Even the best company and best product struggles. Even the best retail store-s struggle. This is not a lecture or am I defending MLM/distributors, yet it is true some inferior MLM's or some products or some distributors are caught in a trap of correct and incorrect impression. Making it hard on the Excellent few MLM's, products and distributors. Like the placebo theory, it is an individual thing. Not everyone can or will have an open mind without bias. For a distributor to "claim" a product will "cure" anything is illegal. The company cannot say it the product cannot say it but too many times with too much enthusiasom a distributor will say too much too fast. I have seen smart consumers understand this and they buy the product and have positive results. Sadly too many MLM's and products get a bad rap due to distributor excitement to sell sell sell. Then you have customers who will buy anything expecting miracles. So we have a world of good and bad mixed all together, retail, MLM's and consumers a constant daily event of selling and buying. Finally, as for Reliv International it is an excellent company with excellent products with excellent service an excellent story and imperfect distributors who try hard and some are too enthusiastic too inexperienced. I find myself criticizing retail stores more then a MLM. I also use 2ndvote.com to insure I know what my money supports a companies cause. Not every consumer takes the time to do their home work. They make mistakes. lastly, I'm sorry for some typo's. I type too fast. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Reliv gave my mom with stage 4 colon cancer extra 16 months of quality time. She actually got off two medications and started to talk again after being nonverbal for 5 years. She did take a lot of products through her feeding tube. 80% to 100% all of her food intake was from reliv. If it is so toxic how could my mother live extra 16 month with cancer? She was sent home to die by the doctors. What other nutrition can give her extra 16 month of quality life? Reliv is not a cure or treatment but it is the best food you can find. Our body responds to good nutrition and start making healthier cells. It is based on science. You believe what you want to believe but the reality was my mother was able to live thanks to reliv. She did not need pain medications for cancer. The only time she needed was for last few days peacefully without suffering. My father died from cancer with all three traditional treatments. He suffered for 2 years till the end. I wish I knew about reliv when my father was suffering with cancer. I got off disability and all of the medications. I cannot thank enough that I was given hope through reliv and I have my life back. I never joined any MLM companies before. I love reliv. It's a blessing.

hope4 said...
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hope4 said...
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hope4 said...

I am glad that I didn't follow your advice. Thanks to Reliv, I got my life back!

hope4 said...

I am glad that I didn't follow your advice. Thanks to Reliv, I got my life back!

Unknown said...

The world is infected with professional doubters. All thing have to be "their" idea. Not every one is a skilled sales person or magician. Some times it is difficult to communicate an idea, a concept, a product etc to a closed minded skeptic. Too many times I just say, go ahead and be miserable, see if I care. Of course I say it to my self. Some people just are not worth talking to. Even if you give the product to them free, they do not appreciate it. Some people prefer to be miserable just to get sympathy. Some people are mentally addicted to drugs and prefer to stay ill. So called intelligent people prefer to remain closed minded. We all have pathetic cry baby moods like an adult body in a childs mind. Some adults have to be coddled. So many adults are just functional children. So many waste hundreds of dollars on junk and don't want to save money.

vabna islam said...

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Unknown said...

For all of you "so called critics out their" of the losers who had a so called bad experience with a distributor-company-products you are an extreme minority. The majority around the world who had-have excellent results far overwhelm the nay say losers. Companies are NOT perfect nor are distributors nor are customers nor are critics. Every companies product-service is not perfect. You can have a perfect product yet a few distributor dipshits who negate the product or service. OR visa versa. The REAL enemy is Pharmaceutical who manufacture DRUGS to keep you drugged with chemicals. I am 100% chemical free yet I am looked at as weird. My Reliv distributor did not talk me into anything. I am able to discern bullshit and honesty. My results from the products saved my life in 1997 and I remain problem free of health problems. If you cannot discern intelligently then you are the problem. Products prescribed or over the counter are far inferior to Reliv. I am aware of every company and every product and Reliv remains above them all.

Kathy Walter said...

I am a 55-year-old female who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012. At the time, I was taking more than 32 prescriptions and pills a day. In 2014, I started seeing a neurologist, who took me off the crazy pill-popping treadmill and put me on Lidoderm patches. About eight months later, I was doing extraordinarily well and not using the medications as much. After knee surgery I went from almost good to unable to function. My doctors said that something was very wrong. I went to the best joint specialist in the area and he told me the replacement surgery was perfect, but my pain was from fibromyalgia and would not get better. I was worse off than before. I was in constant chronic pain, and my knees didn't function for more than a few minutes. I could hardly walk. The hospital where I had the surgery has a policy that, after three months, the surgeon can no longer prescribe narcotic pain medications. After three months, my neurologist picked up the ball to write the prescriptions. But a year and a half later, nobody is willing to prescribe them. Between the pain and fatigue, there are weeks at a time that I don't get out of bed. I can't work and I do my best to be a caregiver for my elderly mother and aunt, who are both in their late 80s. Standing up is so painful. i looked further for an alternative treatments, and then a friend of mine told me about Health Herbal Clinic in Johannesburg who sell herbal formula for diseases including FIBROMYALGIA disease, I contacted the herbal clinic via their website and purchased the fibromyalgia herbal remedy. I received the herbal remedy through DHL couriers within 8 days and i immediately commenced usage as prescribed, i used the herbal remedy for about a month and 1 week, my condition has greatly improved, all my symptoms including Chronic muscle pain, Abdominal pain, nausea, I am fibromyalgia free! contact Health Herbal Clinic via their email healthherbalclinic@gmail.com or visit www.healthherbalclinic.weebly.com


I had my Mother on it 4 2 months. She was walking with a walker. After 2 months she was walking with a cane. 92 years old.
My sister in law had Bars syndonne. Had no energy, tired, very UN motivated because of her energy level. After using the Now and Energize for less than a month. She was back to normal. I have a friend that was going to have knee surgery. After taking the Arthaffect for a month no knee surgery. He has been on it for over a year. And none of these people took more than one shake a day. My wife and I have been taking Now And Energize for many years now with no problems. We are both seniors. The soy the people ate ranting about that Reliv use's is produced in house. Soy is good for you if not genetically modified. And Reliv doesn't use that garbage. No it doesn't cure everything and they don't claim that they do. But I have seen what it can do.

Unknown said...

I believe you Dan. Skepticism may be a right it is also akin to self righteous. I say let the nay sayers lay in their own misery.


I have no reason to post falsehoods about Relived products. Its not like a make money from this product. My family uses several products, and I supply some friends products at my cost. The facts I posted about the improvement to people is fact not fiction.

Unknown said...

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